Meet Leo the puppy!

  1. :love: so adorable i am speechless!
  2. OMG!! How cute can one puppy be??
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I still can't understand how to get pictures in! ^ but that was one I took of him giving me the sads this morning :sad:
  5. OMG!! My chow is about the same age.. - born july 11th.. and im in Melb as well! Lets have playdates!!!!
  6. cue squealing--OHMYGOD he is so ADORABLE! :love: Look at all his cute fluffiness!
  7. Leo is a dollbaby! LOOOOOOVE!
  8. He's so cute he doesn't look real! What a doll. :love:
  9. awwww that's cuteness!!!!
    i bought my shiba inu puppy from the same kennel... Sherae... i remembered everytime i visited there i was always greeted by 20+ very excited Chow Chow!!!

    Congrats on ur new little puppy!!!
  10. Awww, I love chow chows! He is sooo cute & fluffy!
  11. so cute
  12. I know this is an old thread, but could you tell me more about this kennel? Your experience.
  13. Hi PMed you!
  14. OMG hes so cuteeeeeeeeee :heart: my cats name is leo and they are almost the same color lol