Meet in Virginia (SW or Central) or NW North Carolina??

  1. I am in Virginia and have already spoken to another member who would love to have a meet in SW or Central Virginia. We could make it a VA/NC meet since SW Virginia is close. Anyone interested????
  2. I would love to meet up , though I just joined . Its still nice to make some new friends with those who share in my passion for Louis Vuittons
  3. We have three so far....great!!!

    Anyone else???
  4. I don't have my first LV but I am in the process of buying it...can I join? LOL
  5. I'm in Richmond, I would consider going, but prob would not travel for a meet (I have a baby) So don't plan it around my preferences- just throwing it out there that you have a central VA who might be interested :tup:
  6. I am interested I would love to go to Richmond! Stoneypoint is a great store!
  7. I am new to the forum and just moved to greensboro NC I could probably meet up.
  8. I'm up for a meet . . .
  9. Aw Stony Point is my home LV! If that's where you guys do it I might be able to come home for the weekend and meet up with you all!
  10. We should! that's mine too:p
  11. All of my SAs are gone at Stony Point now :sad: I'm kind of glad I moved when I did because I would be so sad to shop there without them!