Meet Diamond!

  1. Meet Diamond, my German Shepard! :heart:

    I noticed that most people love little dogs on here, but I've grown up always having a German Shepard dog. I absolutely love them! Diamond's my lil' buddy. She's eight years old now.

    The first picture is of Diamond when she was a puppy. we got her when she was about seven weeks old.

    The second picture is one of my favorites that I've ever taken of her. She's so photogenic in pictures.

    And the third is a recent picture of my baby!

    Diamond.JPG DimeDime1.jpg Dime.JPG
  2. beautiful doggy!!
  3. How cute!! I just love big dogs! :smile:
  4. What a cutie!
  5. I love Diamond. Beautiful dog. I love the second pic.
  6. Aw thanks all! :smile:
  7. Beautiful! She looks very sweet.
  8. love the ears, so very cute
  9. What a sweet girl! Take lots of photos (and movies if you can). You'll be soooo glad you did!!
  10. wht a pretty girl!! and i love the name Diamond!! :p
  11. What a beautiful girl she is! My dogs are sort of medium-sized. But I have noticed too that there are lots of little pups on tPF. I love them all...small, medium, large and huge!:heart:
  12. Very pretty German Shepherd you have there!

    Diamond is ablolutely gorgeous---what a face! She has the perfect name, since she is obviously precious!!!

    I love big dogs too--we have three! (I love small too!)

    Thank you for sharing pictures!
  14. I love big dogs!!! Just wish I weren't so allergic.............The 3rd picture is just too precious.
  15. She's a beauty! Very appropriate name for her. She looks so intelligent, too.

    I love all dogs, but am partial to large breeds (you can tell from my username), so you definitely aren't in too much of a minority here!