Meet Chucky's little sis LESHAMMY!

  1. Well a night a reckless drinking has its risks....and I am now the new mother of a beautiful chamois Edith! :love: Leshent was the father but DH will be the sugar-daddy! I just think it is fabulous and validates my thought that something just isn't right with Chucky and I should return the lil' bast... I mean bugger.

    The pics aren't great - lousy lighting that's not capturing the color right at all. I need to look up ETs Saks ad photo but it is so much closer to that than the fleshy color it gives off in pics. Leshammy chamois is much smooshier, wrinkly and vintage looking than Whiskey Chucky - almost an airy leather? I was surprised at the amount of pebbling on chamois - almost identical to Chucky markings - but the texture is just so sooo different. And not shiny or hard at all - completely matte and soft. I couldn't be more pleased. Meet Leshammy!

    Oh, and a shameless Chloe ad recreation!
  2. Congrats! :love:
  3. I love it! really pretty color- congrats!!!
  4. Congrats!!! I love that color!!! Is it closer to an off white/cream or a light tan? It's gorgeous.
  5. Nice addition to your collection! I like the last pic too!:biggrin: Congrats!
  6. Ohhh, I LOVE! It is really gorgeous Blu - the leather description sounds divine. I need to see a different texture Edith IRL - all these new pics members are posting - they're killing me! But oh so fun to admire!!

    I guess it pays to drink and shop (frantically searches house for wine bottles - finds nothing...)

    Pack Chucky's cheese up and send him back to his mother ship!!
  7. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. LeCongrats! My chamois and my whiskey are NIGHT and DAY compared to each other...very different leathers, but both beautiful in their own way. I like the pic of your "Chloe ad"...or is that Chucky trying to engulf all of your other bags? Here is the Saks ad you were looking for...and the Bergdorf whiskey ad, too. That whiskey ad makes me fall in love all over again! :love:
    Saks Chamois Edith.jpg Bergdorf Edith pic.jpg
  9. Thanks! It's definitely a light tan. My sofa is a light tan and the chamois is definitely a shade or two darker and warmer.
  10. :nuts: It looks so beautiful in the lighter color.:love:
  11. Wait, I'm liking the pic of the LeShammy and Chucky bonding on the couch. Maybe Chucky can stay a little bit longer?
  12. HOLY CRAP, that bag is gorgeous!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: Perfect and gorgeous and beautiful and fabulous. Send Chucky packing!
  13. hehehe, its like the chloe ads in the magazines! great pics!!!! you've got a great collection!!! totally loving that paddington!!!
  14. Love it! And the ad creation also! I was at first like "I wonder where she's going to get another set of eyes!"

    Beautiful! Are you keeping both? :love: :nuts: :love: :nuts:
  15. ET, thanks for adding those ad pics!! Yes, the chamois leather feels like it will look like that ad in no time flat.

    I realize when looking at the Chloe bag-stack ad that Whiskey Edith is so upright she's even got a Betty w/chain-strap on her shoulder - that should have tipped me off!!