Meet Christian & Preview Fall 2008 Shoes!

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  1. Barneys New York: May 1st, 3pm-7pm

    Barneys Beverly Hills: May 8th, 2pm-6pm

    Info was in the new Barneys shoe mailer.
  2. :nuts: I would LOVE to go to that---too far away, though. :sad::crybaby::hysteric:
  3. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Im sooooooooooooooooooooo going to NYC Barneys!
    Yay!!! Feb at Saks was great! Cant wait for this one too!!!
  4. oooh i think i'l, try and make the ny one!
  5. Ack, it's a Thursday... :s
    Hm, I'll just take a day off work! :yes:

    :nuts: I am THERE on May 8th!! :nuts:
  6. eeeeeeeeek! I don't live in Bev Hills or NYC but I guess I could make a vacation out of it?? :smile: Will he be signing shoes, etc...sort of like the Saks event?
  7. LOL, I see a party!!!!:party:

  8. yes paaaaaarty Ladies!!! :woohoo::wlae::yahoo:
  9. damn im gonna be in BH the end of april to the 2nd of may hmmm maybe i can change my dates
  10. Angelie: If you can change your dates, you must go there and represent us 604 ladies! :P
  11. OMG!!! I'm so jealous- meeting him in Feb was so awesome- I'd love to do it again!!!
  12. Barneys NY – Three days before my wedding. I should have tons of free time! hahahahaha. But you better believe I'll be there...;)
  13. I'll be at the NY one. Wouldn't miss it!
  14. Do you have to RSVP?
  15. NY is only 2.5 hours away. That may be a good day to make a day trip. I'm so bad at getting around New York. I wish I had someone to go with - I hate getting in and out of NY myself!

    Is it easy to get to Barney's?