Meet Cedric

  1. I wanted to share a couple of pictures of a cat that I rescued, Cedric. I've had him for almost two years now. I think it's sufficient to say that he's quite a character....:heart:


  2. oh cedric is a stunner.

    Is he a russian blue?

    Love the basin shot!! lol
  3. We're actually not sure what he is, but he does have the Russian Blue coloring and I'd like to think that he is! :smile:
  4. Gorgeous boy! He looks so at home in the bathroom sink!
  5. He loves enclosed spaces....I often find him lounging in boxes (he has a field day when I was packing to move), laundry baskets, duffle bags, purses....he also likes to sleep in bed under the covers, or for us to make a blankie tent for him.
  6. He's beautiful! And reminds me of my Mischief boy who I also adopted and looks just like a Russian blue. Just beautiful. :smile:
  7. He looks like a the BEST possible way! What a sweetheart! Glad you rescued him. I know he is too!
  8. What a Gorgeous Boy:yes: He looks like he has an amazing personality! I just LOVE:heart: cats.
  9. Cedric is very handsome! I love the sink picture!
  10. How cute! Its amazing the spaces that cats can fit themselves into!
  11. What a cutie!!!!
  12. Cedric is very cute!!
  13. What a sweet baby! Cedric picked a great Mom!
  14. He's so cute. He looks just like my cat Bordeaux who I also adopted from a shelter. He's so smart I think he has some russian blue in him too.
  15. He is so cute! One of my girls always sleeps in the sink!

    May I ask why you call him Cedric? It's such an unusual name for a cat, I actually have a relative with the same name!