Meet Carly's new friend!

  1. I couldn't resist!


    Carly and Hello Kitty catching some sun in the car!
  2. I want to be Carly's new friend, LOL!! That is too cute!
  3. Your new Carly is gorgeous! I especially love your Hello Kitty charm. Can you please advise me at to where you purchased it. I would love to get one. Congrats on your new Carly!!!

  4. OMG that is too cute!

    I love Hello Kitty.
  5. Too cute!
  6. It's actually a cell-phone thingy, but seriously it's as big as my phone. I got it at a Sanrio store. (It had another loop of flowers on it as well, but I took that off.)

    Try this site though, they may have it (I have never ordered from them, but I want to! LOL):
  7. Ha! SO CUTE!
  8. That's too cute!!
  9. I love Hello Kitty and she looks great on your Carly!
  10. Too cute! Love it!
  11. Very cute!
  12. That is just soooooo ADORABLE!!! And BTW...your chocolate carly looks good enough to EAT!!!!! YUM!!! I may have to go have a Hershey's kiss RIGHT NOW!!!
  13. Cute! Love the Carly.
  14. Hello Kitty looks super cute on your carly!
  15. Way Too Cute! I love it!