Meet Booker - My Dalmatian

  1. Here's Booker-He's exhausted....He lives a hard life
  2. Beautiful dog!! He even has his own stuffed animal. Very cute!
  3. I can tell it's just work, work, work for Booker! Is that a stuffed bunny he's resting his chin on? What a tough life.;)
  4. What a lovely sweetheart!
  5. what a cutie! he looks so peaceful when he's naping :smile:
  6. I love the name Booker, brilliant name.

    Such a lovely dog
  7. How cute is he!!!!!!!!!!
  8. awww I had a dalmation gowing up...he's beautiful!
  9. Booker is so handsome!!! I love sleeping dog pictures--my husband and I have taken thousands!
  10. hes sooo adorable, how old is he btw?
  11. How cute! :yes:
  12. I love dalmatians.
  13. I love Dalmis! I can see you have the dalmy theme running through your accessories as well ;)

    Are those bells on his collar?
  14. Aaaw, he's a cutie :smile: I've loved dalmations since I saw 101 dalmations, lol.
  15. He's such a cutie pie!