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  1. Check out Blondecat's Navy Ramona:yahoo:

    It showed up at my house this morning (actually, I was at work across the street and I saw the DHL Dude and I ran and chased him down) and after inspection and photos, I boxed her up and took her to the UPS store for her flight to her new Mommy.

    We expect photos of Blondecat wearing:wlae:

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  2. Oooooo :drool:

    Robyn you are an amazing lady for doing this.

    I never get tired of seeing pics of your cats (and I'm not a cat person - go figure)!
  3. A few more photos of the Navy Cat:yahoo:

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  4. Thank you riffraff:flowers:

    All 3 of my kitties wake up from their constant naps when ever I get the camera out to photograph my bags. I had to keep an eye on them, as they also love to sit on the dustbags or worse, climb inside:P
  5. I am absolutely panting at the pics of my new baby! :PShe is SO gorgeous, I think I'll wallpaper a picture of her for my computer. I will try once again to post pictures when my bag arrives --- c'mon THURSDAY!! I'll see if I can get any one of my four kitties to pose with the lovely Navy Ramona. Hey Robyn, -- I totally understand about the kids wanting to lay on the dust covers or (horrors) climb inside a bag for a looksy! Once again, you are an angel for going through all of this and making sure I got the bag I have been fantasizing about for months. I ran to the post office and sent your check Priority. It went out around 3pm, so you should have it by Friday.:okay:
  6. You did not have to send it Priority, I trust you and am not worried;) Now if I did not receive the check a month from now, then I might be :sweatdrop::nogood:
  7. Gorgeous! Looking forward to Blondecat's modeling pics.
    Robynbenz, you are wonderful. =) Your kitty is so adorable.
  8. Just beautiful, Blondecat! Congratulations:drinkup:.Very classy. Navy is one of my favorite colors!

    Look how comfy robyn's kitty is on that JC dust bag:tender:
  9. Fabulous bag! Gorgeous color.
  10. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!:yes: It took me all of five minutes to empty out my Burgundy (distressed with watersnake trim) Ramona and fill up my badly NEEDED Navy Ramona. I'll try to get some modeling pics out later. She (Navy Ramona) smiles quite a bit at me and seems like she'll be very photogenic. Does anybody know if Choo ever made navy leather wallets? Cosmo? Riffraff?
    What a beautiful bag!
    Love it!
  12. Hey Blondecat, just spoke to Casey @ the Chicago store and asked about your Navy wallet. She wasn't sure, but said she would look and that you should give her a call. We had to cut the call short so she could get my NEW BABY out for the UPS dude @ 4:00, but give her a call and see what happens.
  13. You are just filled with great news, Robyn. I will give her a call tomorrow. Ok... I give... which purse is coming home to you from the Choo store? Isn't the bronze Mahala from Nordie's? Red Maddy?:graucho:Or is there a third baby we are getting adoption papers for?:tup:
  14. Woohoo blondecat! I'm so glad you found your Navy Ramona with Robyn's help. That's one rare bag and a real beauty. Definitely a collector's item. Enjoy! :yahoo: