Meet BEC Stroke Me

  1. Hi Ladies! Here are some bad pictures of my BEC Stroke Me (regular size) in Tan Bubble Chevre, with brass, and caramel lining. It looks dumpy in these pix, but it is the large size. And of course, the color is off. This bag looks totally different when worn. It drapes beautifully, making it a chic hobo. I will def post modeling pix when it arrives. It was the first bag I ever bought from BE and I love it still. I gave my first SM to a friend, and so now, I am bringing it back to me. When it sits, the top half of the bag folds over beautifully. Easy to get in and out of too. Also, very light because practically no hardware.Anyway! It is in the mail, these pix were taken in the it will be mine next week! :graucho:
    DSCF9011.JPG DSCF9013.JPG
  2. By the way, Alexander Wang is using this same bubble chevre. I'm loving it.
  3. Very pretty! I like the coordinating lining too.
  4. do you have a picture of her sitting? I always thought it'd tip over...
  5. Very pretty!
  6. Looks beautiful Tropicalgal!!

    I bet it will look more and more fantastic as you break it in and wear it!

    Enjoy it when it arrives!
  7. It's so lovely! Can't wait to hear your impressions when it arrives!
  8. That leather sure looks super thick and yummy! Quite a lovely color!
  9. That leather looks GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see your modeling shots and so glad you're getting your SM back.:biggrin:
  10. Your new Stroke Me looks amazing. Love the leather the color is really pretty.
  11. Boy that leather looks gorgeous!! I look forward to seeing you modeling shots and how it drapes, I bet it's comfy to carry too.
  12. Hi Ladies, thanks for your comments. Yes I will post modeling pix..but first it has to get here! ha ha.
  13. Lovely, lovely! So very glad you are getting your first bag back. Such a good story! I have this leather coming soon too, I can't wait! Your modeling shots are much anticipated.
  14. ^^^^what did you order in Tan bubble chevre?????
  15. I have an Inspire Me mini. It will have silver hardware and dark blue lining. No tassels. :smile: