Meet and greet UK?

  1. I'm very jealous when I read about all the PF memebers meeting up in the States. I wondered if anyone has ever met up in the UK for a coffee and a bun (or a glass of champagne :yes: ) and maybe a little wander around Hermes?

    I am quite shy but I would be very happy to meet up to say hello and admire everyones' bags, I shall be bringing my own Kelly along...

    I am in the north west of the UK but love going to London (went to university there so I know my way around South Ken and Knightsbridge, only a skip from New Bond Street...) or Manchester perhaps.

    Anyway, if anyone is up for it, I'd love to be included!

    I'm also in the South of France for some of the summer, great Hermes opportunities there too, anyone in Nice this summer?
  2. I'll let you know in case I go to London sometime.

    I have met some ladies here in the US, Switzerland and Paris, and all I can say is that they are all very nice, funny, generous, and simply adorable!
  3. Maybe i am in london at the beginn of March!i will PM you.
    South of France??!!!!i try to get my working contacts set there and then i will be there also...
    If any of the european ladies facing costa del sol, are most welcome to visit me and 'my H store'!
    i guarantee the shop here is a treasure-box!!!:smile:
  4. In the general section there is a UK Meet and greet thread - you may find out more there.

    Good luck
  5. missmarbella - I go to Marbella almost once a year to visit my best friend. I'll let you know if I go this year.
  6. That would be great LaVan, thank you
  7. secret_ that's useful to know, thank you. I'll go and have a root, I did do a search in the Hermes section (I noticed the gentle *ticking off* from the moderators about starting threads already covered) as Hermes is my big love, never thought to cast my net wider, thanks
  8. MissMarbella, thank you, that looks like the perfect excuse to visit the Costa del Sol. I have only ever been to Hermes in Spain in Barcelona.
  9. Im in Ireland but will be in the south of France in july august....? Am in London and Manchester a few times a year...
  10. LaVan,
    we have to meet!!!!!Yuppie!!!!
    PM me!!!!
  11. Hi I am about an hour away from Manchester. This is where I feed my H addiction!!!
  12. That would be great. I will pm you later with some dates I'm in France. If you're ever in Manchester/London, drop me an email if you like, it's easy for me to get to either although Manchester is closest.

    I just found some UK greet threads in the general forums thanks to advice, but looks like I've missed both Manchester and London :sad: recently.
  13. Hello! me too! I'm about 40 minutes away. And I thought I was about the only one around here...small world.