Meerkat Manor???

  1. Is anyone as obsessed with this show as we are in my house? It is really addicting even if you are not an animal lover.
  2. I'm not ashamed to say I cried when Flower died. They just seem so human in their interactions with each other. I hope whoever takes over the postion as leader has a much spunk as Flower. I think I heard the animal Planet website crashed the night they broadcast her final show. I think people are looking for good quality TV, animal planet just might be the answer.
  3. My BF and I sometimes watch this show! LOL. When the meerkats stand watch, they remind me of my oldest dachshund when he stands up. They're so cute, and it's fun to see what goes on in their lives.
  4. I watch it too! I cried when Flower died too...
    I'd love to see how they set up the filming on this....
  5. I was ridiculously upset when Flower died. My kids were too...they are older so I just said that she did what any mother would do...she died protecting her babies...sniff, sniff.
  6. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who makes a point of watching this show every week. This season has been particularly good (and sad).

    Flower's death was so upsetting, particularly since it occurred right after she adopted baby Axel after he was abandoned by his family. This program shows the best and worst of nature.

    Can't wait to see who the new dominate female will be. I'm guessing it will be Rocket Dog.
  7. I think Rocket Dog too.
  8. I used to watch this but don't have AP any more.

    How did she die?
  9. A Cape cobra went into the nursery burrow where her babies were. All the meerkats were mobbing the entrance, but it was Flower who went after it to protect her children. She was bitten in the head and died a couple days later.
  10. Oh how awful. Nature can be so cruel.
  11. There actually is an episode that explains & shows all this. To get the meerkats used to them being around they would act "spastic" & really bizarre so the meers would just accept any kind of behavior they did. So accidently dropping a camera wouldn't freak them out. They are just the cutest things, & the babies, OMG those precious little faces! They are smaller than they appear. They said they are only a foot tall when standing.
    They actually met Flower as a baby & said she had leadership skills immediately. When she accepted Axel into the family I told DH "no one can tell me animals don't have feelings." Then she died :crybaby::wtf: I will bet there were some tears shed by some camera/production people too.
  12. I missed it last night due to the incredibly long Yankees game (or fiasco if you are a New Yorker). What happened?
  13. There are a number of RIP tribute videos for Flower on youtube.
  14. ^^ oh, that's so sweet. :smile:
  15. I don't have AP any more and just downloaded season 3 ep 1 and am reminded why I got rid of that channel. I find these shows so hard to watch - always being right on the edge of my seat totally stressed out when there is danger like there was with the cobra and the owl when Izzy got separated from the others in this episode. I am such a huge animal lover and seeing an animal in danger really gets to me.