Meerkat Manor?

  1. Any fans? I haven't watched it yet because I'm scared...I am not good with movies where cute and fluffy things perish. But if that's only a tiny portion of the show and it's good I'll watch it..
  2. This is a brilliant show I love it, sometimes they fight but one perishing is very rare
  3. I love this show too!!

    The babies are sooo cute!
  4. Sometimes if I'm flipping through chanels I'll stop and watch it for a little while! It's cute!
  5. I love the show but stopped watching, i'm very "no animal should ever be hurt or die" and that happens in some episodes in meerkat manor so i can't watch it or i cry
  6. It is a great show and very well done. You do become attached to the particular characters (meerkats). My favorite was Shakespeare and I almost stopped watching when he died.:sad:
  7. It does happen sometimes, but it's not a major part of the show. Mostly it just shows their day-to-day activities. It also focuses on the parents raising their babies. It's a very cute show!
  8. I love this show, it is always on in my nail salon when it is there. It is nice watching their everyday activities and watching the pups grow up, etc.
  9. I loved Shakespeare, I was quite amazed at how small these little creatures are, for some reason always thought they were bigger, but they are tiny.
  10. Oh crud, he dies?
  11. I like Meerkat manor! Oh no I didn't know shakespear died.

    off topic talking about sad movies has any one seen Two Brothers about the tiger clubs OMG I was crying like a baby

  12. Sorry, I didn't mean to spoil it for you! Shakespeare was babysitting the pups while the rest of gang was foraging for food. The rival group of meerkats invaded and tried to kill the pups, but Shakespeare protected them. All the pups survived, but Shakespeare was not seen again and was assumed to have died.
  13. Love this show! It's sad when they die, but it's important to the show and research that they don't interfere with the natural course of things.

    I remember when one of the babies got seperated and lost and they followed her around and were talking about how she'd die if she didn't get found, I kept thinking to myself "just pick her up and bring her back to the her momma!", but I knew they couldn't do that. =(
  14. That was the only episode that I ever watched (the one where he died) and I just couldn't deal.
  15. I was watching it the other weekend...too darn cute..i was totally hooked