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  1. Hello! I am new here and thought I would share my collection since I see so many beautiful bags here :biggrin: I am 24 year old student working part time so my collection is not totally huge ... yet.

    1st Pic - Everything
    2nd Pic - Just LV!
    3rd Pic - Forgot my Coussin!
    -Everything.jpg -LV.jpg -pillow.jpg
  2. Great collection! It's way bigger than mine!
  3. great LV collection and welcome to the PF! ;)
  4. wowww nice collection!!
  5. Thanks everyone! :biggrin:
  6. welcome to the forum!
    great collection, i really like the sac coussin :smile:
  7. Great collection!
  8. Nice collection! I love your Damier Papillion! That's one of my favorite LV bags!
  9. Nice collection!
  10. Its great for my everyday bag. Fits everything I need!
  11. Welcome, from a fellow 24 year old :P You have a great collection!!
  12. I think you have a great collection. A 24yr old working student? Your collection is great!.......for any age and profession :P
  13. Well, I'll tell you what! I WAAYYY over 24 and I don't have as lovely a collection of LV's as you do! I have two! TWO! ..... an Alma and a 25-year old Speedy handed down from my Mother. ...... I'd say you're doing very well and you have a beautiful collection!
  14. Very impressive Vuitton collection.
  15. aww ... all you ladies are really sweet.

    I guess I know how to save :biggrin:
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