Medor watch~Who's got one and can you post some pics??

  1. I admit, I love watching Gossip Girl and I tivo it so I can rewind and look more carefully at what Kelly Rutherford is wearing/carrying that is Hermes. I noticed her gold Medor watch with gh and I think I am in love. I did a search and found a few threads about the Medor watch but there were very few or no pictures. Would people mind posting pics and their feelings about their Medor watch? Thanks so much everyone!!
  2. I don't have one but I too noticed it when Kelly Rutherford was sporting it in the eps. I love watching the show too to see her stylish wardrobe and her GORGEOUS H bags and accessories! SOOO ozzysmom, you're NOT alone in watching the show!
  3. I can't seem to pull off the Medor look, but I do love it on others. Is Ozzysmom getting a friend for her rouge H beauty?

    yellow medor.jpg

    green medor.jpg

    brown medor.jpg

    brown lizard.jpg
  4. I love the Medor because it´s classy and rock at the same time!
  5. jaune courcheval (sp?) straps when i got her...

    but just changed her new rouge gulliver straps in paris... :shame:

    here she is! :smile:
    hermes_medor_watch_yellow.jpg hermes_medor_watch_red.JPG
  6. Oh my gosh--I love this watch and I especially love it with gold hardware. Thanks for the pics everyone. LTC: I seriously need to get something else Hermes because I think I am boring everyone with pictures of my Rouge H all of the time. Believe me, I am trying to figure out what I want and I swear it changes everyday. But this watch is stunning and I think I might have to take the plunge. Keep those pics coming...