Medor stitching problem! Please help!

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  1. I have bought my new noir medor in swift leather yesterday, but after I went home... I found out there is a stitching problem (broken stitch? Or the stitching closure exposed outside?) So I rush back to the h shop today with the whole packaging and receipt... The sa and her supervisor both said that it is normal because it is hand made... and said there is no defect... so no refund option, and even no replacement option as there is zero medor in the whole computer checking system.. and they cannot order another new one for me... So the only option for me is to exchange another style of bag which is in stock within 30 days... But what I really want is medor for the time being and nothing else... Finally, I left my medor there and they will pass it to the craftman for checking (for around 2 weeks)... But they insisted if the craftman said it is normal and up to the standard of Hermes, then I have no other choice but to accept this medor and the case will close...

    As a owner of Kelly, herbag, lindy, so kelly, jige and egee... I am not really new to Hermes... Actually even for my rodeo, I cannot see any end/ closure of stitching exposed outside... So this time this medor really upset me...

    Anyone got similar kind of experience? Any advice or suggestion? Thank you.

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  2. You can ask to ship back to Paris for a check. they can easily repair the broken stitch.
  3. I think you have don'e all the right things

    IMO, that is nothing to do with hand-stitching

    Stick to your guns and get them to sort the stitching out. Give them time, go through all the stages but don't accept anything except a perfect Medor.
  4. You're not happy with the ending works
    Only can refund it
    Very expensive too be unsatisfied
  5. Thank you for the replies... I still feel so bad and worry right now... My local hermes does not have the refund option at all... We can just exchange the same category item, like bag to bag, and not bag to watch within 30 days... As for store credit, we cannot use the store credit to purchase any leather items including bag... So with the above rules, it seems that if the craftman agree it is normal and not a defect, then I have to take this medor or pick another style of bag in stock... No other options at all!!!!!!!! I really don't understand why they cannot help me to find or order another perfect medor? I am willing to wait as long as it takes, but they just refused to help... Because no defect means no replacement... What really upset me is that they kept saying it is handmade... which means it is only me being picky... I am so regret that I have not used a torch yesterday to check the medor before paying... Now I have an expensive lesson to learn...

    Thank you all for listening...
  6. My DH said he believed the craftman can eventually fix the stitching problem or admitted that it is not acceptable/ not an usual hermes standard... He kept saying stay positive and he will not settle in this case... Glad he promised to goto the h shop for me once the bag return from craftman...

    I really love h and hate to develop such a bad relationship with them...
  7. That is a really strange set of policies :thinking: There is very clearly a popped exterior stitch. Maybe the store is being defensive because they shouldn't have sold the bag without inspecting it (All SAs/SMs inspect and dress bags and SLGs before offering it - it's the final line of defense for errors like this), or maybe they are trying to insinuate you damaged it in the one day you had it. Either way it should be sent back to the atelier for inspection and because how new the item is any repairs should be free of charge.

  8. I would definitely exchange and wait for a new medor or just get a different bag from them...stitching like that is absolutely unacceptable.
  9. The key point of my whole case is how the craftman define this stitching problem... If he thought this is normal and there is nothing to fix or worry about, then it will become my own problem... Which is "I dislike this product", then I can only exchange any in stock item within 30 days...

    But if the craftman agree that it is a defect, then they may help me to fix it or have chance to find me a replacement....

    So.... Still waiting... And very disappointing
  10. Sorry to hear that you are in such predicament... we're all hoping for the best....
  11. Thank you so much!
  12. sorry to hear this happened. guess we all really need to inspect all things no matter what.

    keeping my fingers crossed that they will replace it or the craftsman will fix it for you!
  13. If you can get Hermes to send the clutch to a craftsman this should be an easy fix.
    One stitch.
    I hope that it works out for you. It's unfortunate to have a sad beginning for such a lovely item.
  14. Here is the update: My local craftsman said the stitching problem is repairable... but need to be done in Paris... So, after actually own my clutch for less than 24 hours, I need to wait for around 3 months (?).... And the SM insisted that this is the only option for my case, hermes is offering me a favour to repair my medor free of charge... What else can I say? Ai... Why there is no return and refund policy in my place? If I were in USA or Europe... I will certainly get back my money instead of tolerating this endless waiting process... Ai...

    Btw, how long it usually takes to have stitches being fixed in paris? Thank you.
  15. Wow sent to Paris ( from Asia?) for one stitch? Might take a few months it's true. Wonder why your local craftsman can't do it?
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