Medor Leather Ring

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  1. #1 Oct 23, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2012
    Hi all,
    I've been searching for this little leather ring ever since I saw it at HK Airport but haven't been able to find any additional info ever since :tdown:

    However, today I came across a photo of it - but only afar - so I was wondering if anyone has any close ups? Or whether anybody owns this?
    Would like to see a closer view and know whether it's available in GHW/PHW.

    I'm assuming it's pretty rare, since I've only seen it once!! :cool:
    Any info would be great. Thank you!!

  2. no, but anxious to hear that others have. very cool.
  3. I've seen this CDC ring that miacillan has, but not the Medor.

  4. Pretty!
  5. I saw it it and tried it on in my local store (Toronto) last year or early this year. It didn't look good on my finger and the stud seemed a little small in scale given the width of the leather. It may work better on someone with smaller fingers. I believe they had black PHW and red PHW.
  6. i have one DH bought for me on one of his business trips. Will take a photo and post later. It was a store display, but apparently for sale.
  7. Never seen this ring before.. Guess it must be pretty rare then..
  8. Nah, just depends on the SD and what they think will sell in their demographics, but I doubt it's 'rare' in the purist definition...

  9. You can probably "make" this ring with the Medor twilly ring?
  10. Ah, yes, I can see that the stud is quite small. Interesting! So I'm glad someone's seen it. Thanks for sharing your info!

    Excellent! That would be really helpful. Would love to see.

    Not sure, I can't even find any info on it from resellers!

    Ah, but how will I make the band? I'm not very creative haha!
  11. Yes, cool right! :cool:

    Yep, similar! I think these are the only leather rings H makes...? Might need to check on that. Haven't seen any others, at least.

    Yup! So pretty right! :smile:

    What does 'SD' mean? Yes, that's true - I guess I need to go to the better stocked H stores. Perhaps they will have/know about them there :biggrin:
  12. SD => Store Director/Directrice ;)

  13. You can probably bring it to a leather craft person to cut a band and sew it according to size of your finger
  14. Here it is
  15. Omg love this! May I know how much is this ring?