Medor Clutch

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  1. I'm considering a Medor clutch, and would like some opinions. What colors have you seen that you LOVE? To be practical, and who likes to do that, I should get black box. But, I think I'd like it be more on the "fun" side.

    Any suggestions?

  2. rouge H.
  3. There is a rouge H with GHW in San Diego.
  4. it is delicious. this is what solidified my selection of rouge h with GHW
  5. I think Medor Clutch will look gorgeous in Bleu de Prusse Box leather with PHW.
  6. Black box with PH or that Rouge H with GH,totally classic & would never go out of style!
  7. Violet or griolet tadelakt.
  8. CG,

    I am still on the look out for a croc Medor Clutch ... it just seems to take awhile looking for the colour that I want, but I guess that's part of the fun in the hunt.

    It would be great to hear from Boxcalf Medor Clutch owners what they think about boxcalf for this clutch design. A SA at my store had commented that the hardware that slides up and down can actually scratch stiff leathers like croc and boxcalf. I personally wonder if it truly is as bad as it sounds. :confused1:
  9. Raisin box. But I am biased....
    Haven't had problems with scratching but I don't use it all that often....
  10. Hmmm, I hope to hear from someone about this, as well, MrsS. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. :heart:
  11. LOL! Bleu de Prusse was my first though, Pursenality, but then I remembered I have a Kelly longue wallet coming in that devine color. :smile:
  12. "Oh Oh Oh" says the anxious student as she raises her hand...."I know I know"
    I have the "full" size Medor in Black box and of course as everyone knows I have the smaller size in the Violet in the tadelakt. Both PHW. LOVE both. The hardware does move around and that at first kept me from buying one. But it has not been a problem. The smaller size is better with gowns and I like the larger with suits in the evening or lunch.
    Just a note, the newer Medors will no longer be made in box but tadelakt. So if you are interested in the Medor and still can find Box I would say go for it. It will make a nice addition to your collection.
    Love these sassy little clutches!

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  13. And last but not least our dear Katie with her Black Box Medor.:supacool:

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  14. TT, can you tell us the dimensions of the two sizes? TIA!
  15. I'm waiting for the petite Medor n Blue Roi croc if it ever shows up. I like it in black box in leather.