1. I am not writing about celebrities who wear coach (I know that is a different thread) but tv shows where the characters wear coach on the show. I always pay attention when I watch my favorite tv shows. Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) was carrying an Ali I believe in natural on this weeks episode. She actually even opened her bag to put some evidence inside so you could see the legacy lining too ! I have also noticed Lorelei Gilmore carry a black either signature satchel or leather satchel and the black leather large hobo.
  2. I notice bags all the time on tv. Lorelai had her black soho hobo on Tuesday episode and Luke commented that it was time she clean it out.
  3. Mischa Barton's character on the OC carried Coach bags all the time. I can't remember the character's name.
  4. Lorelai LOVES Coach, she carries lots of them. I saw her with a marc jacobs one time too
  5. I was watching Days of our Lives the other day and noticed Sammi (Allison Sweeney) has a white small shoulder bag, and on ER last night Sam (the young nurse) has a coach wallet!
  6. Sami and Chelsea were both carrying Sohos the other day. Same purse, different colors.
  7. I don't have time for much tv at the moment and I tend to not watch sitcoms-except the office which I find hilarious. Plus the baby shows are usually on at my house, lol. But I once walked in the room when dh was watching something-I think it was "king of queens" and a girl had a Coach scarf around her neck and a few scenes later she was carrying a coach bag. I remember commenting on it to my dh. That's really the only time I've seen Coach on tv but as I mentioned, not watching much these days.
  8. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) on General Hospital has a signature patchwork hobo (i think thats what it is called) with hot pink leather trim.
  9. I saw that one!!! Too cool. I immediately fixated on her bag. That was so funny. :roflmfao:
  10. There is a thread on this already, search coach on TV.
  11. It looks like Minnie Driver's character on "The Riches" has been carrying a Coach hobo.

  12. I was watching a couple of minutes of this show. I saw when she opened her Ali and you could see the beautiful striped lining. I was so excited too see it on TV.
  13. Yes I noticed too ! Chelsea was carrying a brown suede one and it was when she visited Willow in the hospital to talk about the hairbrush evidence right and she was hanging outside willow's room. I love that show too !
  14. I saw it on Medium, as well! Coach bags seem to be showing up everywhere now. I love it! It helped me a bit with my argument(in a fun-not-so-real-kind-of-banter) with my hubby that a lot of people carry Coach and that they are worth the money. :yahoo:

  15. Yes! I dvr it every day, I'm watching today's show right