Medium Zucca Fendi Spy

  1. Hi everyone, its my first post in this forum. I just had a quick question regarding the Fendi Spy. I've had my eye on the Zucca spy (there's one on the Saks website), however, when I was browsing Bag, Borrow, or Steal, they had one but it was medium size (13.5"L instead of 16.5/17). I don't own any spies, and locally there isn't any boutiques, so I needed to know if anyone had pics so I can compare the sizes as well as what the retail for it would be. I know the "large" zucca spy at Saks goes for $1860. Thanks
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum! I don't think there are 2 different sizes for the zucca..but I've noticed different stores show different sizes. The bag does change depending on how much you put into it, but looks best half full-full usually. Retail is usually around $1850 but you may be able to get it for less if you find a good deal somewhere else (ex. Jomashop was selling them for $895 or something a while back and many of our members grabbed them!). There are many pictures of us modeling this bag throughout the forum, you can so a search for Zucca spy or look at the "how to you wear your fendis" thread. For someone who is about 5'6 it may look something like pic 1 below. Pic 2 is the new fall version of the zucca.
 new.JPG fendimodel0ua.jpg