Medium YSL Rive Gauche???

  1. Hi,

    I'm wondering if anyone has any pictures of the medium sized rive gauche. I'm not talking about the satchel, but a rive gauche that looks exactly like the large RG, but only smaller in porportions..approx 9x12x4

    Does YSL even make this model anymore? it seems pretty rare

    If anyone has any pictures of this I'd be very very happy to see~:heart:
  2. there are some on bluefly right now (smaller size). I just got the larger one, and it's lovely.
  3. Actually I think they come in one size - large. At least I haven't seen a medium Rive Gauche. But I may be wrong.
  4. no, there is a smaller size! it's just hard to find. I saw it at Saks the other day in ivory... and again, it's on bluefly if there any left.
  5. I spoke with ysl new york and bal harbour about the medium rg recently.The medium is still current.The new price is $1695. It comes in quite a few colors,black,ivory,chocolate,tan,spring green.
  6. yeppers, the YSL rive gauche comes in 2 main sizes (medium & large) :cutesy:...i've included the measurements & photos below...i'd love to know whether the ostrich bags come in 2 sizes too (?) :heart:

    1) medium (taupe photo)
    • Supple goatskin exterior wtih brasstone hardware
    • Double ring detail at sides
    • Twist lock front flap with zip top closure
    • 17'' double handles with detachable key ring strap
    • Detachable shoulder strap measures 35''
    • Satin lining with interior zip pocket and cell phone pocket
    • Five brasstone feet at base
    • 13¾'' at widest x 11¾'' tall at center x 4½'' deep; 3 lbs.

    2) large (chocolate photo)

    • Supple goatskin exterior with brasstone hardware
    • Double ring detail at sides
    • Twist lock front flap over zip top closure
    • 17'' double handles with 7'' drop and detachable key ring strap
    • 35'' detachable shoulder strap with 13'' drop
    • Satin lining with interior zip pocket and cell phone pocket, metal feet at leather bottom
    • 15'' at widest x 12'' tall at center x 5'' deep
    • Tote weighs 3 lbs.

  7. thanks guys! About buying off bluefly: are the bags they sell new? or do they seem like theyve been returned and used before?
  8. just got mine, and it's brand spanking new!
  9. ^^^ Can't wait to see the pics!
    Thanks for the info. I really didn't know it came in two sizes.
  10. This is new to me too, thanks for the info. So is the spring green the same as the sage color? I really like this bag and would love to get it soon...:rolleyes:
  11. YSL new york had the green bag.The SA said it was different than the sage.
  12. ^^ yeppers, the YSL RG's come in 3 green colors :yes:...sage green (pale green), forest green (dark green) & jungle (olive green)...i've posted photos of sage & forest below, but can't find one for medium jungle just arrived from "bluefly" though & i can try & take photos tonight :tender:
  13. As a lover of the color green and of the Rive Gauche, I can tell you that there's been lots of confusion about the different shades! Part of the problem is that some stores/SAs call the greens by different names in addition to those that you mentioned above. :nuts:

    aaa, I'm dying to see your RG!!!! :yes: How do you like it? You already own a brown RG, right?
  14. ^^ awe, thanks Cosmopolitan, it's a really gorgeous color :love:...sadly, i had to part with my large brown RG because it was just too big for little 'ole me :sad:...that's why i jumped on the "bluefly" sale when i saw it & got the medium...i'd never seen the jungle color IRL before, but i :heart: green too!!!
  15. ^^^I've been lusting after that dark forest green RG since it came out last fall, and now there's one on Bluefly. *sigh; wish it wasn't tax season*

    I'll be checking back for your pics! :popcorn: