Medium Whiskey Edith on NM right now...

  1. &$#*(@&U$!!!!!!

    I ordered the chocolate and it's already cancelled. BLARG! It is just not meant to be.
  2. Dang Daisy! NM is great in ways but also drives me nuts!!

    (I'm worried the whiskey may be chucky!!)
  3. Chucky on the loose!!!! I was thinking it may have been my return too (although I haven't received my refund yet). Being teased by Chocko is making me want it all the more.... :evil:
  4. Oh your whiskey went back to NM online?! Here's hoping tod snagged yours and not chucky!
  5. ack!! Gone already!!!
  6. It's gone now. Daisy, this choco edith proves to be elusive!
  7. Blu and Daisy, my Edith is arriving tomorrow. Can't wait...drum roll please...
  8. Can't wait to see pics. Let's hope it's the anti-chucky!! :P