medium vs. large horsebit hobo

  1. Hey ladies, not very familiar with this style but seems like it's a good throwaround bag. what is the size difference between the two; how much fits into the medium? which size's strap is more comfortable? thanks!
  2. I purchased the large hobo last week and it is alot larger than I thought it would be. I haven't used it yet but can tell you that it's a heavy bag (the handle has alot of weight to it) but it is made of such nice leather! I do not know the size difference between the 2 but I was in the market for a large bag and that is definitely what I got! I know I am going to love using it for a long time.
  3. i have the meduim and its the best size IMO, it fits alot and is gorgeous on shoulders and handheld ... :flowers:
  4. I totally agree...I own the medium and LOVE it...I can fit lots of stuff...It's a perfect size for me....and it looks great all the time!!!!! :heart: Emmy
  5. I think you might also want to consider how each size will look on you, depending on how tall you are. The large might be TOO large if you're fairly petite...
  6. My friend was telling me about how she was trying on the large one at Saks, and she is a lover of huge, oversized bags.. and even she thought it was too huge. The medium looks sturdier too IMO, and it has a zipper.
  7. I am thinking between the med and large too. Does anyone have pictures of them and their horsebit?
  8. It depends on your needs and preference. I like big bags but for me the large Gucci hobo is way too HUGE on me! I also think it's uncomfortable to wear on the shoulder, but it's supposed to be more comfortable after it wears in.
  9. I have the medium & LOVE it. I rcenetly saw someone wearing the large & didn't really like how it looked.
  10. I have the large one in black leather and I love it. I'm short 5'1, 5'2" on a good day and I thought the medium one was too small. I like large bags. I've been carrying this one every day since I got it back from Gucci repair having it re-dyed -another story- but it looks so new.
  11. I love the Large Hobo, I have a 17 month old and I can throw everything I need in it!! The down side is that it's pretty heavy, but it's so gorgeous that I don't really care =)

    I am thinking on buying anotherone!!!
  12. i have the medium size hobo - LOVE IT! it's not *too* big compared to the LARGE hobo which is just GINORMOUS. let us know what you end up with! =)
  13. I Now Have Both And I Have To Say I Use The Large One Almost Everyday!
  14. Sorry to hijack, but just wondering what you'd roughly expect to pay for a leather horsebit hobo these days?
  15. The large is wayyy too big.. esp for me being 5'2, i feel like nicole richie and her B bag. the medium is the better choice... i only bought the large on a very expensive impulse buy.