Medium vs. Large Carly

  1. After months of torment of drooling over Carly on the Coach website, IRL at the boutiques, and all of the lovely pics on tPF, I was FINALLY able to talk my grandmother into buying me a medium chocolate Carly for Christmas. I've been waiting for about 3 weeks now (I had the November PCE card that was somewhat of an issue from reading other threads :shame: and gave it to my grandmother to use) and I still have 19 more days to wait.

    I've looked up size dimensions online and compared the bags IRL at the boutique, but never knew that I could actually put the stuff in my bag into the floor model. The SA's at the new boutique by my house are really quiet and don't help at all - just ask what you're looking for and that's it.

    So, my question is this: Space wise, how much of a difference is there between the medium and large Carly? The picture I have here is all the contents of a Hamptons tote and it's the stuff that I always, always carry with me.

    I want all of that stuff to fit in my medium Carly and still have room for the awesome slouch. I worry that the medium isn't going to cut it and it won't slouch. And I don't want to return it for a large one since I don't want to offend my grandmother or make her mad since I swore up and down that this was the bag I wanted. Like I said I just really, REALLY want there to be room for the slouch!

    Here's the picture:


    Opinions/discussion please! You all know SO much about Carly, much more than I do, and your opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! ;)
  2. The size difference between the two is a lot.

    I honestly don't think all of your stuff will fit in the medium Carly and still have room for the slouch. It may not all fit in there at all:shrugs: I have the large and I love it, it holds a ton and still looks FAB!

    I hope when you get it it all works out and all your stuff fits but you may have to end up exchanging it.
  3. honestly, all that is a lot for the medium
  4. Wow you have a lot of stuff! I had the Carly for a day and returned because of some stitching problems on the top. I'm not sure if your going to be able to fit all that. Well you can try going to the store and put all your stuff in the display bag and see if it will work for you. Good luck!
  5. The medium might be small for your stuff :sad: honestly.
  6. I have the SAME large as Taralindsey and I LOVE it too!!!!! It has the most PERFECT slouch to it, and I dont even carry ALOT of stuff...b/c of that, she slouches MORE!!!! On ME she doesnt appear to look that large b/c I dont have her filled up! In fact, one of my g/f's today thought she was the MEDIUM Carly and didnt believe me til I opened her up and showed her the style number!!!!!!! I also have the medium chocolate leather Carly and I dont like the slouch as much, and that bag doesnt have a long enough drop length for me to be comfortable, so I am SERIOUSLY considering selling her and buying a LARGE leather Carly as well!!!!!!!!!! Go try them on...but be sure to take the stuffing out of them before you decide!!!!! Keep us posted!!!! :tup:
  7. Honestly the medium is the only bag for me.. but after looking at your pics of the stuff you carry I dont' think it will even fit in the medium... it would be totally overstuffed if it even fit!!! I dont' carry near as much as you do and I love the medium and the slouch.. but if you have to carry all of that you better get the large or a different bag! :yes:
  8. I love the size of the medium which is why I was so adamant about that particular style. I could always do away with the white makeup case and even the wristlet - I could put the cards I have in there in maybe the back pocket of the wallet.

    Would that work, girls? Everything minus the white makeup case and wristlet? :shrugs:
  9. Ya know, I tried on the large last time with all the stuffing in it and thought OMG THIS BAG IS HUGE ON ME (I'm 5'3" on a good day lol) so I went with the medium. I ended up having to return it because it was scratched up (as sent from JAX) and as it turned out the drop just wasn't comfy enough for me. I don't carry alot of stuff though so I thought it'd be silly to even consider the large. So after being in the boutique waaaaay too long today and trying on 438902840932 bags I finally took the stuffing out of the large, put my stuff in and went WOAH it's NOT that big LOL. So I took the plunge with large Carly. I might change my mind again, but I have to say it's waaaaay more comfy than the medium. I had her gift wrapped so I don't overthink it right now, and hopefully I'll still love her on Christmas morning :love: :lol:
  10. Agree. I wish the medium were a bit larger but the large is too big for my tastes I think. Having said that, I don't think all of your items will fit comfortably in the medium. :sad:
  11. :lol::woohoo:
  12. I think you'll have to get rid of at least one eyeglass case if not both. Maybe you could use the wristlet instead of the wallet? Until Christmas, I am using a wristlet in my med Carly (although I think there will be a small bleeker wallet I hope that I will use instead after Christmas).
  13. SEEEEEE??? LOL I always walked past the large Carly in the boutique b/c the way it is stuffed makes it look HUGE!!! When I opened it in front of my hubby and kids and my hubby told me what the SA had said about taking out the stuffing, etc, I did, and I was SHOCKED at how this bag didnt look that big anymore!!! I think it's WAAAAAAAY more comfy than the medium as well in that it slouches more w/ a longer drop length! I LOVE the LARGE CARLY and I KNOW you will too!!! What color did you get? Cant wait to see modelling pics on Christmas AM!!!!! :yahoo: CONGRATS!!!!!! :tup:
  14. LOL I totally remembered your posts about this when I was trying her out too! I really couldn't get used to the drop on the medium, even with the slouch, and most of my other bags I haven't really been able to wear on the shoulder so I wanted something that would fit comfy, and over my jacket too. I did also love the slim carly, but hated the patent leather, she kept sliding off :tdown:

    I went with the khaki/chocolate :love:

    Thanks, I'll definitely share modeling pics once I bring her out to play LOL :yahoo:
  15. I think if you can cut down on some things they will fit... but if it will be hard or you won't be happy then go for the large. :yes: It's just up to you and what you feel you have to have with you. I have been wearing my medium with me all over and I am in total love. :love: