medium vs large cabats

  1. Hey ladies, back again with more cabat questions...

    What is the size difference between the medium and the large? I know that from the mini (Asian) size to the medium the only difference is the length (or would you call it the width? I mean the horizontal part of the bag that's not the base...), the height doesn't change.

    I'm feeling like the medium size is maybe too short for me height-wise, but if it gets much longer from side to side, it would look a little ridiculous...

    Anyone know? Thank you :flowers:
  2. Well...the fully extended large is about the size of the Balenciaga weekender but a bit shorter in height, while the medium is more along the size of the city...I have tried them on recently and realized that the large drapes more beautifully so that's why I waitlisted for the large...the medium felt small and more ridgid when folded in and thus lost its appeal to me
  3. thanks for the opinion foxie, I'm going to check them out in person tomorrow.

    you're a guy, correct? are you a taller guy? I'm a 5ft short female, so as much as I love huge bags, I'm afraid the large one might take on comical proportions instead of looking chic.

    but I'll go see in person!
  4. Yea..I'm 6' but it also looked good when my mom, who is 5'4, tried on the large with the sides folded, yeah, you'll probably know better if you check in person
  5. I just went to BV today and saw both sizes of cabats in ebano. The SA, about only 5'2, modelled both bags for me. We started from the medium size and it looked quite right on him. But then when he put on the larger, I have to say the medium was no comparison at all althought it is an extremely beautiful bag and looks very nice by itself. But still, you have to see them and try on IRL to know which is the one for you. I have read from the previous thread that prices in Europe is cheaper than US and Asia. Do you have the prices for them? And if anyone knows the prices of both cabat in France?? My friend is going there soon and is thinking about picking up one there.