Medium Veneta or Ball?

  1. I'm trying to decide between the medium veneta or the ball - both in black. I would love to get the opinions of people who have either one of them. I love the ball, but it just seems a little too big and it is more of a daytime bay only. The veneta seems more versitile but the opening is just slightly inconvenient for larger items (like a book, which I ALWAYS have on me). Alternatively, the large veneta seems TOO big (esp since I'm short).

    This is my first post and you all seems so knowledgeable and helpful that I thought I would get your opinions. Thank you in advance!!
  2. I have never seen either in person, but I *think* I like the look of the ball bag more. I just ordered one from bluefly, so when I get it, I will be able to "officially" give you my opinion!
  3. That's what I thought until I went to see the veneta. I think the veneta is a bag that you have to see in person and try on. It looks very different than it does in pictures...and it is surprisingly large (but not as large as the ball).

    That is exciting about your bag though, I'm sure you will love it when it arrives!!
  4. The Veneta actually loosens up and gets a more relaxed shape as you use it, mine (small) will hold my wallet, a paperback book and more . . . it's more roomy than I expected.
  5. I prefer the ball because it has a bottom and 4 little compartments which are very convenient for keys, cell etc.
  6. I have a Veneta, its very roomy.. it all depends on your needs.. why don't you check out the boutique and try both styles then decide..
  7. I prefer the Veneta - I like the shape better, and the option of different sizes is good for different frames. I also like the compartments of the ball, but it's too "long" on my petite frame.
  8. ^^I agree. I love the Veneta. I don't think the large is too big - but I guess everyone has different definitions of size.
  9. I settled for the medium Veneta as IMO it was the most versatile in terms of looks - it could be used for work (day/night) and weekends (casual).

    I find the Ball quite large and long. To me it has a more casual feel to it.

    If price is a determinant and could help tilt you, there's a price difference between the two. :graucho:
  10. Thanks so much for all your input!!! I decided on the medium veneta...I LOVE the ball and all it's compartments, but it's more a daytime bag...I love the versatility of the veneta. It's my first BV...I bought it this weekend and I LOVE it!!! thanks again!!!
  11. ^^Congrats! That's wonderful!!!