Medium Veneta Color Choice & Reveal

  1. So I could not decide which color I wanted, I ordered both Rust and Tourmaline knowing I would have to make a decision and keep the one I loved the most and return the one I loved less. This proved to be difficult, because I loved them both I guess because they are so different and both beautiful!
    BV_T_R_1.jpg BV_T_R_2.jpg BV_T_R_3.jpg BV_T_R_close1.jpg BV_T_R_close2.jpg
  2. While I really did love the rust and the way the woven detail showed off the color it was not versatile enough for me.

    I ended up choosing the gorgeous tourmaline color, I compared it to my China cervo tote it is a deeper, darker navy and more wearable/neutral.

    I was going to wear it on Thanksgiving with this blouse but could not quite clip the tag just yet. Now I know why, the bag went on a bit more of a sale on Black Friday and because it had been more than 10 days I had to return & reorder to get the sale price. Maybe I'm the only one that would do that for $160 but that is just me.

    I love this bag!
    BV_T_China1.jpg BV_T_China2.jpg BV_T_shirt.jpg BV_Tourmaline.jpg
  3. Congratulations! Great color choice, and I love how the colors in the blouse really pull the blue out of the Tourmaline ...

    And hey! Congrats on getting it at a better price, too! I'm all about saving money, so I'm right there with you!!!

  4. Yay! it's such a lovely bag and color. I have a large tourmaline veneta and I cannot switch bags. Just seems to go with everything. I think you'll get loads of use out of it. (funnily enough, my other veneta is a large tea and folks have said it's similar to rust. Its also a grest neutral and could be year round but I am calling it my summer )

    As for $160, that's a significant amount in my book (16 Mai Tais in Maui) so I would have done the same thing!

    BTW, the photos next to china make the color look almost brown!
  5. Oooh! This was a hard decision to make! I don't own one red or rust bag in my wardrobe but looking at that color, it tempts me. Being the conservatively "safe" one that I am, I probably would have chosen the same between the two. Most of my wardrobe is black with the tops being vibrant colors or the brown family so I've never had a need for a bag in the reds family but have always admired them from afar.

    As far as savings, I respect you! Hope you enjoy your new purchase! It looks beautiful!
  6. Fantastic choice! Congratulations!!
  7. I love black and red bags!
  8. Congrats on your gorgeous Tourmaline veneta and your good timing!

    Wear her in good health. :smile:
  9. Great choice - we are bag twins. I recently just purchased the medium veneta in tourmaline. I love it - I find that it goes with alot.
  10. congrats, it's beautiful! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats! great choice
  12. Beautiful color. I'm happy to find your post because I just ordered this bag in Tourmaline and wasn't quite sure what color of blue to expect. Are you still loving it? In the picture with flash it almost looks to have a bit of dark purple in it? In the sun light does it look blue or do you have to get up really close to tell it's not black?

  13. I actually decided to return it because of the size, not because of the color. I just could not make the medium veneta work for me. I love the large veneta, I wouldn't rule out a maxi in the future. The color is definitely dark blue, and you cannot mistake it for black unless you are in the dark IMO. To me, it just looks true blue, but it may indeed have purple undertones I'm just not that much of a color expert. Sorry I probably was no help. You will love it I'm sure.
  14. Great choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. is lent over???
    glad to see you back
    missed you :hugs: