Medium Veneta - Bluefly

  1. already gone!!!
  2. Popped up again!
  3. I wonder if that's Carmino or a prior year's red?
  4. Gone again! How much was it (just wonderin')
  5. I think they are this seasons colors since the prices were update for the Veneta (when the sell last seasons colors, it's the price before the spring hike). Syma, they were 20% off retail....feel happy with your lovely carmino and don't regret missing the sale! I do that all the time and it kills me!
  6. this looks like my red veneta and it's from a couple seasons ago- I dont know the name of the color but it's not the same as carmino; it's a slightly brighter and lighter red.
  7. I saw a large black campana, a camel veneta and camel campana.... wonder what other goodies were there!????
  8. it makes me wonder where they get all their inventory from.
  9. The red from SS 2003 (or was it 2004?) was simply called Rosso, nothing else :yes:. It`s gorgeous!
  10. back in stock! someone pick up this beauty!
  11. I think this is this fall's carmine red.
  12. You could make sure by asking about the colour of the suede lining. The new ones have a red interior while the older reds have the usual pale beige.