medium tote with double signature web handles

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  1. hi ladies ,

    what do u think of this medium tote , its on sale for $229 . a lot of handbags are on sale again .. i need your input pls . i need to order before it becomes unavailable again..
  2. i know that the quality may not be as great as the others , but i am looking for an everyday tote that i can use anywhere .. anyone who has modeling pics, pls post . can this be carried on the shoulder too ? it says handle drop is 6 "
  3. can't see it, did you post pics??
  4. Yeah im pretty sure this can be carried on the shoulder. This is a luggage bag, so the Nylon is a bit thinner or does not have as thick lining I think and may not hold up as well as a handbag. I use my luggage back though sometimes as a regular handbag,, cant find the pics sorry.. Hope that helps though..
  5. sorry ladies but i dont know how to insert a photo here .. but if you will go on the gucci website , it will be on the luggages...
  6. where is this bag on sale for $229... I checked the website and didn't see anything!

    I was going to pick up this bag a couple weeks ago and use it as a school bag... I was just thinking this morning that I should of got it!
  7. ^^ Well, this was over a week ago, it probably sold out by now.
  8. They might still have it at the outlets....
  9. this was over a week ago , the bag went unavailable right after i placed my order ( lucky me i was able to get mine in the nick of time).. check the outlets, they might still have some. good luck to you!
  10. :tdown:
    I live in crappy Canada and we don't have outlets here.... anyone know if the stores would have it (I know yaaa righttt... but it's worth asking!)
  11. Call the outlets - they ship to Canada. Shipping charges are a little more though.
  12. My work computer is ccrraazzyy... Its not loading the gucci website properly...

    Could someone be kind enough to give me the location of a few of the "good" outlets... (Mall name & City)

    This bag works out to about $550 in Canada ... boooo!
  13. Call Gucci's 800 number, they can give you the numbers to the outlets...