Medium Top Handle Britt Tote in Black has landed!

  1. I had originally wanted a bag from the Blondie line when that came out originally but missed out and so when I saw Pelinaka's new Cocoa Britt hobo I fell in love with the Britt style and wanted something in all black. I put my order in and the SA called Thursday telling me they were in already (& with the EGC event!). So here it is, the Black Britt medium top handle tote. :heart: I love it as it can be worn on the shoulder, hand held or worn messenger style. The little details on this bag are incredible and the leather is yummy soft too. Another highly recommended fall Gucci line!

    2006_07_30 001.jpg 2006_07_30 011.jpg 2006_07_30 012.jpg
  2. Absolutely gorgeous goldensx5!! I love it!:love: I love how you can wear the top handles on your shoulder as well as the option for a messenger bag!
  3. It's absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE it in black! Congrats to you!:drinks: Gucci really has some beautiful bags out for fall!:love:
  4. OMG OMG that is GORGEOUS!!! Please post more pics :flowers: It looks FAB on you! Congrats!!
  5. looks hot on you...which style number and size is it....I want that one because it is sooo classic....I saw one like it but, it had green and red inside the GG you know what I am talking about? I am torn between the one you have and the one with the green and red with the GG's....what should I do? yours is more versatile....sweet...between the anniversary bag and this one you are all set for the do have awesome taste....are you going to get any other Gucci bags? You picked the two best for this season in my humble opinion....enjoy....sweet bags!!!!!:yahoo:
  6. Goldensx, it is gorgeous!!! :nuts: I love it and it looks fabulous on you :tender: I will not be surprised if you end up with another Gucci Britt bag in the Cocoa color :upsidedown:
  7. Gorgeous, saw it today at Gucci, Merrick Place, is gorgeous!!!
  8. Thanks everyone! I really think it is my fav Fall bag.

    Gucci Gal, this exact bag is on the website. Tough choice between the brown & black. It basically depends on what you need/wear most of. They call it the Britt Medium Top Handle... Neiman Marcus Online *-*Gucci*-*Britt- Medium Top Handle.

    Pelinaka ... no more Fall Gucci bags for me. I picked my 2 fav Gucci styles thanks to seeing the pics on this forum (yours included). I have a couple more non-Gucci bags on their way but don't know if I will even be keeping them yet. And then I do believe that is it for me for fall! But, I will certainly enjoy viewing all of your and other PF Ladies gorgeous new fall bag additions!! :smile:
  9. Thanks for the the bag goldensx5. I did see the bag that Pelinaka has in black with the green and red. Now I am torn because they are both so gorgeous. This bag will stay in style forever. Attached is my humble Gucci collection...hope that the attachment worked. The chocholate brown is my Guccissima shopper. The red one is from the cruise collection and finally the dark blue hobo with the red and cream strips which is described on the purse page when you enter this site.
  10. Congrats! It's pretty!
  11. You've three gorgeous classic Gucci bags all in different styles and colors!! :heart: The Guccissima leather tophandle is stunning. I love your navy leather hobo (striking!!!) and ofcourse the little red pochette-like bag is sweet (I have the same one in bronze... love it!)!! Can't wait to see what you decide to add to your collection next! :smile:
  12. Beautiful! What a great bag.
  13. gucci gal! add those bags to the show your gucci collection thread! congrats gals! great buys :smile:
  14. Thank you Goldensx5...I am now a Gucci fan and love Gucci bags. My goal is to have a varied classic collection. The three that I have thus far I am happy with although I would like to add a black Britt and an anniversary bag (in either cream or red with the horsebit detail). My current black hobo is a leather Prada which I have had for a couple of years. It is nice but, the Gucci Britt is much larger and striking. Definitely I will get a Britt tote in black. The question is do I want the green and red inbetween the GG's or do I want it without....
  15. Beautiful bag, congrats :biggrin: