Medium Sutton Tote......

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  1. Does anyone know what the dimensions of this bag or have any other pics of this bag besides the one on the MK website?

  2. There is. Thread about theses bags. MK calls them stutton but other department stores call them jet set dressy

  3. Oh ok. Thank you. I will look for the dressy then

  4. It's a beauty though
  5. I love this bag! I am buying one this weekend! :graucho:

    The Summer Blue and Fuchsia are both gorgeous!

    The dimensions (according to Nordstrom) are 12.5w x 9h x 4d for the medium size.
  6. I know!! That is the one that has mesmerized me for nearly 2 weeks! LOL :lol:

    It's such a refreshing looking blue!

    The medium is the perfect size too. I tried it on with the longer strap and it's perfect. The larger size is too big for me.

  7. What are the dimensions for the larger bag??? Did Nordstrom have it??

  8. It would be good for work, but it will be a personal bag for me. I am definitely a "big bag" kinda gal
  9. :smile: