Medium Stamped Patent Tribute Tote

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  1. Ever since karo posted this bag in the celeb section I have been lusting after it. I just saw it on and pre-ordered it:yahoo:. I did notice the ones in the celeb pics seem to be the large and the one offered at saks is the medium. Has anyone seen the medium in person? Do you think it will be too small? Thanks!

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  2. I assume the medium will be the same size at the regular Tribute tote. I actually saw the large version of this bag (the one all the celebs are toting) at NM Short Hills last Sunday. It was the same size at the large tribute tote, so I would like the sizes are the same. If you have somewhere you can go to take a look at the medium ( Saks or NMs locally), you should definitely check it out. The medium seems a little to small, but the large too big (I purchased a large and just returned it).

    Good luck!
  3. The medium to me is more of a shoulder bag whereas the large is what Ashlee Simpson, Cameron Diaz, etc are using, more oversized tote like.