Medium Soft & Chain?

  1. Does anyone have this bag in the medium size? This size is priced at $1950. If so, can you please post pics of this bag? Please provide any thoughts or feedback like if it is heavy on the shoulder, etc. TIA!
  2. ^ Do a search on this and you will find lots of info!!...
  3. I just saw this bag. It is a smaller version of the large hobo > I didnt like it cause the chains are really short, you really cant wear it on your sholder, but can hand carry it. I love the larger one.
  4. We have posts & info on the other two sizes small & large (Jill has both of these). I am looking for info on the medium size.:yes:
  5. ^yep...mine are the large and the small pochette sizes........
  6. lol a little off topic but funny...

    i saw the medium soft & chain at neiman this weekend, and at first i thought i must be going blind. I didnt know that chanel made a medium, and so I though it was the large. I was can't possibly look so small in real life! It looked so big in pictures! lol, i was quite confused until I saw this thread. :yes:

    In case anyone wants a medium beige soft & chain, NM in Boston has one!
  7. ^^ Me too! That is exactly what happened when I saw the Medium at NM in SF!
    It is a gorgeous bag & leather is divine. I am a little worried that the bottom will get ruined because there is no structure and no feet. The bag seems light but I didn't put my stuff in it so I am not sure how heavy the chain will be on the shoulder.