Medium sized soft n chain

  1. I have not seen this mentioned anywhere on this forum so please disregard if everyone already knows this. Went to NM in Charlotte yesterday - they had a medium sized soft n chain. This bag is sized between the large hobo (like Jill has) and the very small pouchette (like Jill has and Serena returned). They had the beige one in stock. It is probably 1" less in width and 3" shorter in height. I think the price was around $1950 (not sure). But if you gals thought the pouchette was too snall, THIS is the bag for you.

    Call Natasha if you're interested and tell her Libby sent ya!

    Happy Shopping!:yes:
  2. Is it a hobo style?
  3. Yes, it's the hobo Jill got in black and beige.