MEDIUM SIZED COFFER disappointed!!

  1. Well my Medium sized coffer in dusty rose finally arrived...............the leather was absolutely exquisite, the lining gorgeous, the bag was all that I had hoped for, except TOO SMALL for my taste (PP you were right on about this bag)!:crybaby:I am soooo disappointed because I absolutely loved everything else about the bag. I am going to call NM to see if they have this exact bag in the original size!! I sure hope so.......:sad:
  2. I just remembered that Alisonanna had mentioned the large sized one in dusty rose available at the Den NM..................just called..............having it delivered tomorrow!!! :yahoo: Thank you Alisonanna!!! :wlae::woohoo:
  3. Oh well, Miu... after having the original, large Coffers, it really must seem small. I still want to see it for real. I'm glad you liked the leather and color, though and super glad that you were able to get the large afterall. YAY!
  4. Yay for you!!!! :yahoo: I was just about to remind you about alisonanna's post but you already remembered! Be sure to post some pics when the gorgy regular sized beauty arrives at your doorstep!
  5. sorry u didnot liek the 1st one....hopefully 2nd one will be the one u will love:heart::yes:
  6. I've seen the new minis and though they're seemingly easier to handle, I don't find that they would hold too much! Like miu2, I prefer the original size!
  7. I was sad when first reading your post, but now happy you found a regular sized one in that gorgeous pink! Post pics when you get it!
  8. oh, so u did find one, yay!!! congrats!
  9. please post pics when it comes! i might have to get this bag myself...:p
  10. Oh I am sorry you didn't like the medium size. I am disappointed too!! Glad you like the color and leather. Hope your large dusty pink coffer arrive to you soon!!!