Medium Signature Ergo Tote

  1. I just "won" a Coach Ergo Medium Coach in Brown/Khaki tonight on eBay. I don't see too much talk about the Ergo's on the Purse Forum.:smile:

    Does anyone have one and how do you like it?? I tried one on at a Coach Boutique today and they felt very comfortable and lightweight for the size. I'm flying to Vegas in June and thought this size would be great for Traveling,

    I also was drooling over the White leather Ergo Tote.
  2. i have the medium one. i liked it for like the first week but i think it is too small for my everyday needs. i`m usually a huge tote person.
  3. i bought one but didn't like it so gave it back.
    i ended up getting a leather med ergo during the f&f tho, i hope i like this one bettrt