Medium Selma on a short girl?

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  1. Hello :smile:

    I'm really interested in the medium Selma cross body bag. I'm just wondering if it will be too long on me as a cross body as I am 5' tall :sad: On the Nordstrom site it says Crossbody strap drop: 22" - 24" I don't have a tape measure unfortunately so I can't measure on myself!

    Any help would be very appreciated!
  2. The strap has holes to make it a little shorter. If it's still too long I would take it to get a hole punched into the leather so it will be the perfect length !
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    I am 5'2" (actually 5'1.5" haha) and this bag is the perfect size for me, both holding as a satchel and crossbody. I tried the large selma before but it looked way too big on my frame
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  5. That's true! Do you know how much it is roughly to get another hole?

    Yeah I think the large bags that MK makes are waaay too big for me. I actually really like the small and mini sizes but I want to branch out and I feel that the mini selma might be too tiny.

    Thanks for the pics! That really helped.

    So, the medium selma is a different size than the medium messenger selma right? I think I'm looking at the medium messenger on Nordstrom… but not totally sure. Why must MK be so confusing!! Here is the Nordstrom link:
  6. Yes, the medium messenger is slightly smaller than the medium satchel. I think the size of the medium messenger will be perfect for u!

    **EDIT: the link u sent is the medium messenger
  7. I think so too! :smile: