Medium Selma in Navy or Selma Messenger in black?!

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Which bag should I get?

  1. Navy Selma Medium

    1 vote(s)
  2. Black Selma Messenger

    1 vote(s)
  1. 430F235B-7BD1-43F7-BB00-DB1E6D15C8F0.jpeg 8026E95B-85DA-43DD-A52B-8D13D2C2D13D.jpeg Please help a girl out here! I can’t decide between the Michael Kors Medium Selma in Navy and the Michael Kors Medium Messenger in Black! They’re both preloved and I found them at the same price. Also, cptrading has been really lovely to authenticate both bags for me!

    I wear neutral colours most of the time, so I was wondering if the medium selma in navy will look off with my outfits and it’s slightly bigger. However, I like how it has a handle so I can switch to carrying it with my hands instead of just on my shoulders.

    As for the medium messenger in black, I like the size and how I can bring it from uni to shopping or even on night outs. However, due to lack of care from the previous owner the zip handle turned silver (everything else is in gold). Also, the letters looks abit not aligned.

    Please advice me on which one to get! Would appreciate it a lot if you guys can also include a photo of you wearing the bag!
    2928FBCE-40E8-4471-8455-5E7FA5973391.jpeg EF8535A9-7E10-4007-BEE9-F2A73FF1503B.jpeg AF24326A-4657-43DE-8D70-4C2F2CCB7236.jpeg
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