Medium ring agenda - same paper size as Filofax?

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  1. I see the medium agendas have six rings like Filofax's...are the inserts interchangeable?

    After 10 years by my side my gorgeous dark green filofax went kaput today :crybaby: ...the inner metal binder broke off from the leather! It zips closed so it'll hold for now, but I guess it's time for a new one. I wish the LV ones zipped!

    I love the Epi agendas :heart:
  2. Should fit. The medium agenda is a standard size with the 6 rings. Nothing out of the ordinary in terms of size! The cover is 5.5" X 7.5" but the pages inside are a little smaller, 3 3/4" X 6 3/4". Filofax has two sizes with the 6 rings, look for the size I mentioned.[FONT=Avantgarde, Avantgarde][/FONT]
  3. ^^ thank you SO much, Melocoton! I'm so emotionally attached to this Filofax...I got it when I was in between jobs and it was a huge splurge. Now whenever I use it, it reminds me of just how far I've come (and it held up beautifully!).

    I'll check out the LV agendas...thanks a million!
  4. If you buy an agenda now from the boutique, make sure to ask if they have any of the 2006 calendars left. They will probably give you one for free as it's so late in the year. I read that here on the board, so when I recently got a mono pm agenda, I asked and they gave me one. I really like the gold edging on the pages. Makes it look so elegant.

  5. Thank you, Bag Fetish! Oh my goodness, I swear I did a search on "Filofax" and nothing came up :crybaby: . Sorry about bringing up a previously discussed topic. Great made my day! :flowers:
  6. Excellent advice! I love the mono agendas but my agenda really takes a beating and because I'd be using it every day on my desk, carrying to meetings, going in and out of my laptop briefcase it will get a workout and I'd be worried about the mono wearing off.

    Thanks again! :drinks:
  7. No worries, when i seached i just put in agenda :smile: