Medium Quited Bay in Black available at NM St. Louis

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  1. I just couldn't get over the color - wanted a moka - is at NM STL right now.

    Hannah, my SA, just called. 314-567-9811 or 877-634-6260

    Also, they have a paddington in Blue and a paddington hobo.

    Hannah is a great SA, so give her a call and say that Kathleen sent you (no commission for me but I feel bad for letting her down). And post when you get it, love to see pics.
  2. Well GOLLEE! I was just there this weekend but I couldn't get a close look and didn't see any quilted Bays at all! Maybe I should go take a peek... NO STOP ME! ULTRA SERIOUS BAN PURSE GUARD should be taking effct any minute now!!!! (How much does it cost???) Noooooo!!!!
  3. It was in until today. I wish it had been there this last weekend because I would have stopped by and at least had a look before I said "no thanks". Anyway, I think this is the only one in Black that they are getting so buzz by today and make sure you post when you get it. :smile:

    Also - howdy Div. I am a native St. Louisan now living in Columbia. "Where did you go to school" is what I should ask you. hahahaha
  4. Susie and I both attended Southwest High in the city of all things. Then for a crazy spell Susie was in South Africa. Don't ask...She went on to Mizzou while I went out east. Okay - I'm OLDER so I did everything first. Now she lives about an hour and a half away from me but we do shopping weekends as often as we can. I have been contemplating the quilted Bay but right now I am maxed out. Neimans is great for trying stuff on but the sales in store leave something to be desired. One of these days I might pick up this black Paddy shopper that has been languishing - only at a great reduction. But this Bay might work as well. What are the chances of it going on sale soon? We are so spoiled by the sales.:graucho:
  5. I have no idea. It just came out and I don't know if STL marks down if it is not moving. Hey, I lived down the street from Southwest HS when we had a house in the city. We lived on the corner of Gustine and Wyoming.

    Now we live in Columbia. Far cry from the city.
  6. OMG!!! What a small world! St. Louis is great - and YOUR high school hmmmm??? LOL! It IS THE question as you said!!