Medium Quilted Wallet - Colors?

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  1. I like the style of this wallet and I was wondering how many other colors does this come in?


    Thanks! :smile:
  2. I have seen this QUILTED Medium Wallet in patent and non-patent leather in these colors:

    F/W 2006's QUILTED Medium Wallet ($375) - Black, Whiskey, Cashew, Mouse, Emerald
    S/S 2006's QUILTED URSULA (patent) Medium Wallet ($375) - Black, Chalk, Moss. Can't remember if I saw Cola and Midnight.

    What color are you looking for?
  3. Thanks, Helena. I was wondering if it comes in red? I would like to get a red wallet and was wondering if this one comes in red. Any idea? :s
  4. MJ doesn't make red as often, I heard that it is one of the colors of the upcoming F/W 2007 collection.

    Lobster (red) was one of the colors of S/S 06's QUILTED URSULA (patent) line, you can call your local MJ boutique and ask whether the above patent Medium Wallet comes in that color; the style number is C361416.

    Bordeaux is the other red MJ did for his QUILTED line in F/W 2005.
  5. I have this wallet and it's sooo cute!
  6. Helena, would you suggest I wait and check out the F/W 07 collection?

    Mas2388, how much can you stuff in the wallet and what's your review on it? :smile:
  7. No. F/W 07 collection won't be available for quite some time, the 1st delivery starts arriving around the end of May.

    The wallets you posted are Cashew and Mouse from F/W 06, there's no red from that season. The interior looks like these SOFT CALF CLASSIC Medium Wallets:


    (source: bluebeeonline, shoptwigs)