Medium Quilted Bay in Cafe?

  1. Where might I find this bag? I called the dept. stores and no one seems to have them. Thanks (in advance).
  2. I believe that style and colour combo is now sold out all over :shrugs:

    Dollygirl was trying to locate one too.........maybe she can help?
  3. I have heard that the Quilted Bays in almost every color are pretty hard to come by these days. You might want to try Net-a-porter or LVR? Also keep your eye on eBay- you never know when one might pop up!
  4. The Bergdorf Goodman in NYC had some quilted Bays this past weekend. There was a light camel colored one, a dark brown, and a black. I'm not sure which style Bay they were (I'm not a Bay expert by any means, haven't really been bitten by that bug!) but they were definitely quilted.

    They were in the back handbags room, where there are add'l Chloes from the ones at the front of the store. If you call, I'm sure the sales people could help you.:heart:
  5. I was at the San Francisco Bloomingdale's tonight and they had at least one quilted Bay. I think it was the lighter brown color, but I was too busy drooling over one of the other bags to pay close attention. :smile:
  6. I was at the Nordstrom in White Plains, NY (at the Westchester Mall) and they had at least half a dozen quilted Bays. I didn't see any in the dark brown, but they had the tan and the light beige one in multiple sizes and the tote in black. They also had tons of Paddingtons and Ediths in lots of different colors and sizes. In fact, they had the biggest Chloe selection I've seen in recent memory. The SA I spoke to is Kelly and she is really helpful.
  7. Thank you so very much. I'll give them a call tomorrow. :smile: