Medium pocket satchel in Florentine

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  1. My medium pocket satchel just arrived. And I love it! Instead of this just being a thread for my bag, maybe all you lovely ladies who own medium pocket satchels in florentine can post their pictures here, so we have them in the same place. I would love to see more colors you ladies have.

    It is a medium sized bag, not small at all. I love the style, the cleaner lines. Front and back pockets are amazing for mini tablets and your phone. Unfortunately not too big for my nook :smile: But it can fit in the inside of the bag. The ease of access is amazing, only thing I prefer in the small/regular satchel is the flap- half of the time I dont have to zip it, just the way it is made, the bag opening is closed. This one has to be zipped if you want to protect the inside.

    I have also managed to double the strap, and make it stay on the outside and the bottom of the bag, hope you can make it out in the pictures.

    The color is salmon. For all of you who think salmon is more coral or light, its not. It is cream orange. Only time it looks corally is on the pictures with flash. IRL it is orange. Even on these pictures without flash, still looks more creamy that it is IRL. It is definitely orange :smile:

    I quite like the color and I think I'll get couple of colors in this style. The leather is really smooth all over.

    Here she is!

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  2. Strap wrapped around the bag.

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  3. It's beautiful! The color does appear to be very creamy coral-ish. What do you think of the zipper? Is it soft or does it scratch you as you reach in and out of your bag? My double handle tote bag in ostrich has a very rough, scratchy zipper.
  4. Just tried it. No it doesn't scratch my hand. You do have minimum contact with the zipper on this bag, cause the opening is wide enough to reach in. The zipper is metal too, but it doesnt seem scratchy even when I go over it with my fingers..

    The color is definitely orange, not that dark redish orange, but still orange. In the second set, first picture, the part slightly in the shadow represents the color the best.

  5. I love this satchel and have wanted one for a while now. can the long strap be doubled so it can be worn as a shoulder bag? if so, how does it look carried that way? could you tell me where you ordered it and how much if you don't mind and also what colors did they have? your bag is very lovely.
  6. I have double it. You can see how it looks doubled in the first set. It will just take time for the strap leather to relax and be more pliable. It looks really nice, the handles drop on the sides and I quite like it for the times when I need my hands free. Ill try and do some mod shots tomorrow, the light is bad today ( cloudy).

    I ordered via phone from PA outlet. This one was 65% off, so with tax and shipping I paid 123.55.

    Check my posts in Dooney deals thread, I think I put down what other colors they had for this style, not sure.
    Best way is to call them, ask about the style and ask which colors are 65% off, or 50% etc.

    Thank you, I quite like it :smile:
  7. So so pretty Nebo! I love the salmon color with the brown whip stitching. It goes so well together. The bag looks flawless and you got an amazing deal. Can't wait to see mod shots.
  8. Congrats on your new satchel Nebo! It's gorgeous!
    I have it in bright orange and in raspberry ostrich! I'll look for pics of mine.
  9. Congratulations and thanks for uploading these gorgeous photos!

    What a beautiful bag - love the salmon! :loveeyes:
  10. As you can see, I LOVE this bag!!! Congrats!:P

    I love that bag and the Coach New Willis and have a collection of both.
  11. Super gorgeous bag!! :smile:
  12. Lovely lovely color! Reminds me of summer and cantaloupe.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  13. Nice! I love the size of this satchel. Here are mine, ivy and chestnut...

  14. I love your signature picture. They are gorgeous, specially in bright colors.

  15. Ivy is sooo pretty! I still havent had the chance to wear mine. Opted for the Ocean Blue for a movie date with Captain America.. I mean Husband of Mine :smile: