Medium Patent Stamped Tribute Tote Arrived

  1. Well, it arrived today and I was not sure what to expect in regards to the size. I was prepared for it to be too small. When I opened the box I did find it a tad on the small size for me:s, but I tried it on with a few outfits and it is a keeper:tup:.


    tribute.jpg tribute action2.jpg tribute action1.jpg
  2. I love it Samantha! Congrats. :yahoo:I've been seeing it on all the celebs, and the Tribute tote is definitely on my list for fall. The black patent croco version is really hot too.

    How much can you fit in the medium size? Does the top have any kind of snap/zip closure, or is it open?
  3. Congrats love it.How much does it cost if you dont mind me asking??
  4. Wow, beautiful bag! It looks great on you. Enjoy it!
  5. Looks amazing on you. Congrats Samantha. =)
  6. Congrats!!! That bag is TDF!
  7. Beautiful bag,suits you perfectly :smile:
  8. absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Thanks Cosmo! Here's to black patent :drinkup:

    The medium fits a fair amount i.e. wallet, small cosmetic bag, Altoids, phone(typically all I carry). It is definitely vertical rather than full in shape. The top has a magnetic snap closure. I am surprisingly happy with the size of the medium. I tend to err on the size of large.

  10. Thanks karrey. I pre-ordered it from arrive even earlier than expected). It was $1195.00 no tax, no shipping. Very happy with the look and quality of the bag. The price was actually pretty good compared to the skyrocketing price of bags these days.
  11. Thanks for the lovely compliments bag.lover, jessdressed,QuirkyCool, and vintagelove:flowers:. I am looking forward to taking her out for the first night out tomorrow:choochoo:
  12. You know, I was reading somewhere I while ago that black patent is a signature/trademark of the YSL fashion house going many years back.

    Have a great night out with your new bag! :drinkup:
  13. Beautiful bag, this is definitely on my list for fall. Looks great!!
  14. The bag is gorgeous, and it looks great on you. Congrats on a wonderful purchase!
  15. Beautiful bag! :tup: