Medium Paraty - thin tubular cross body strap OR military shoulder strap?!?

Dec 31, 2008
Hi there! :smile:
I'm wondering whether to buy the Paraty with the original tubular strap OR go for the military shoulder strap which you can't remove?
What are your thoughts?
Mar 19, 2007
LaLa Land
Military strap is very modern and cool, but not being able to remove it bothers me because a lot of times I prefer my paratys to be handheld. And removing that tubular strap removes a lot of weight which is a plus.

My vote goes to tubular cross body strap. :smile:


Sep 23, 2014
I also Vote for the tubular strap. It has a great length, you can very nicely throw the bag over your shoulder, and in addition to it being removable, I also think: The military strap might look quite cool, but it is also quite dominant, especially when you have a bag in a lighter colour with a darker strap. Thatcher und is just my taste, but I think it takes away some of the great shape of the paraty itself...
Dec 31, 2008
Thanks guys for your insights! I quite like the military strap myself only because I'm not keen on medium sized E/W totes as cross bodies - I prefer a more N/S shape for a cross body as it's less cumbersome IMO (like Marc by MJ Hillier Hobos etc)... I think if I do go for the military I would only get it in a dark colour. I've seen one in black/dark grey which is an almost 2-tone which is really striking..

I can't find the pic online but here's one similar that was selling at Mytheresa a while back see here.
Where it's brown it's dark grey and where it's cream the one I'm looking at is black.

What are your thoughts? The strap is a bit shorter than the adjustable military which I like so it doesn't hang as low when on the shoulder. It's a bit different, a bit cool and edgy.
Not sure what colours it would work with though so would like to hear your views!

TIA :smile:


Dec 5, 2009
Vancouver, BC
I love that the long tubular strap is long enough for crossbody but I can't exactly remove it either (as an option because the tubular strap doesn't curl nicely). My Paraty is brand new and I don't want to rip or "overly" stretch the leather while trying to yank the strap off. I considered taking my bag to a cobbler just so that I can remove the strap. Once it comes off that first time, I imagine that I can put in on/off myself.

Have always wanted a Military Paraty though because I LOVE colorblock. I assumed these were discontinued; in any case, they are rare or non-existent locally.