Medium Paddy VS. large Paddy???

  1. Hi!

    Hope all you great Chloé-lovers can help me out.

    Do you know the meassurements for the medium size Paddington and the meassurements for the large size Paddington?

    Thank you so much in advance!

  2. Do you mean the mini and the regular? Or is it the regular paddy vs the large front-paddy? If it is the mini vs regular, I believe the regular is about 14.5"long*8" width * 7" tall, handles about 22". Mini is about 11" long 5" tall 6" wide, handle about 20".
  3. is a good website to check all measurements
  4. Also do you mean the older Paddy classic styles or the newer ones with the small lock? There are differences.
  5. Hi!

    It's a paddington from march 2006 - with a big padlock :smile:

    Thank you for your answers :heart:
  6. March of '06? Are you talking about the large "US SHOPPER" paddy that they came out with in '06? It is about the size of the Marc Jacobs stella bag...12x17....if you are talking about the large "travel sized" paddy that looks like a big version of the medium then it is about 20x10, but mine are from '05, not '06 in that style. I think they made some larger ones a bit later as well, but the leather was different to me than the travel sizes from '05. The US SHOPPER from '06 is GORGEOUS, and they used the smooshy, buttery leather from '05 for those. It came in garnet, whiskey, ivory, black, mousse, tan, brown, anthracite (metallic and non-metallic), etc. I think I have just about every color in favorite style. It's HUGE and really stunning. They followed it with the shopper paddington in a "tote" style, which I don't care for at all...