Medium paddy satchel VS Large paddy satchel?

  1. Anyone have pics of the size comparison between the medium paddy satchel and the large paddy satchel? I know there's only a couple inches difference, but I don't think I've ever seen a large one before. I just mean the regular satchels, not the bowlers or boxes or pocket ones. Thanks!
  2. I think you mean the regular vs the baby Paddy, right? Here'a a pic of 3 paddies together, though the middle one is the "Box". I found this pic on this forum somewhere, some time ago.. eh heh.. I know.. poor referencing. Sorry!
  3. Oh, for some reason I thought there were 3 paddy sizes, large, medium (the usual one people carry), and the baby/mini. Maybe that's just because I've seen knockoff sites list their paddies as a "large" or a "medium." Thanks.
  4. There is/was a large Paddy. It is like huge. Around 20" wide. I haven't seen one for awhile.
  5. I have the large shopper tote which is basically the large satchel. I have a picture of the two of them together if you pm me your email address I will send it to you. I can't seem to resize photos. I love the large but I use it as my carryon when I travel, not as an everyday purse like my regular satchel.
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