Medium or Small Faye?

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  1. Hi I'm planning on buying a Faye bag, and I'm torn between the medium and the small faye! The small to me seems really easy going, something I can dress up or down. While the medium looks very classy and more 'mature', in a good way that is! I love how the medium gives off this old classy vibe, if that makes any sense. I love them both! For those who own a small or medium faye, why do you like yours, and if you have both, which do you prefer! Thanks in advance! It is truly a beautiful bag!!
  2. I'm planning to buy the medium FAYE because I feel the small is too small and the medium is just more feminine and pretty to me [emoji259]
  3. I own both small & medium sized Faye bags. I prefer the small because even though the small doesn't hold that much neither does the medium. The small has three compartments and the medium has two but you basically have to stack your things on top of each other in the medium because it's so narrow. The small is also more comfortable to wear and can be worn cross body where the medium can't. Having said this I love both bags but I don't know how practical they're for everyday bags unless you carry very little. One more thing...I hear people ask about the durability of the suede flap all the time and I'm hear to say that the suede still looks perfect on my bags but the smooth leather scratches very easily. Hope this has been helpful :smile:
  4. I agree! It has this very feminine look to it that I really love and gives me this feeling of it being very vintage even though it is new! Thanks!

    Thank you, yes this has been helpful! I have heard that the leather is very delicate, so I'm a little more worried about that, I guess a medium would make my heart stop every time I rub it against something, :yucky: so I'll probably go with a small, less leather to worry about and being that the medium is narrow, I'll probably have a hard time finding things. :P Thanks again!
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  5. I have the medium, to be honest, it holds far less than most of bags in similar size can hold. I can imagine the small size can hold even less. I would say go for the medium.
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