Medium or Large - which do you prefer?

  1. Hi, I'm very new to Chanel and will be purchasing my very first Chanel bag! Of course, I'm thinking of getting the Classic Caviar Flap (in black and gold) but am indecisive on which size. I'm about 5'4, petite frame. Will the large be overwhelming for me? Is the medium size more of an evening bag? I'd like to use it for day and night, casual and dressy and hopefully to have a size that will 'grow old' with me... so please let me know which size you think is best!

    Also, I will be visiting New York in October. Is it cheaper to buy Chanel in NY or should I just buy it here in Toronto? Can someone please post the price of a med and a large Classic Flap in U.S and Cdn $?

    Thanks for your help!! :yahoo:
  2. I am 5"3 and just purchased the jumbo caviar classic flap and it does not look too big. It is large enough to use for everyday and I like fairly large bags. The medium flap is quite a bit smaller (to me) and when I get one it will be for day into night and dressier occasions. The jumbo flap is more of a day bag, but it could be dressed up, especially if you get the gold hardware. The price of the classic bags is due to go up November 1, but from other comments I think I have picked up that Canadians have to pay a pretty hefty luxury tax of some kind. The jumbo flap in caviar is currently $2250 US and it is supposed to go up either $300 or $400. I think the medium flap is now $1995 but I might be wrong.
  3. I don't think there is a general answer to this question. Some petite women I've seen look fabulous with the Jumbo, others not. I think the best answer is for you to try it on :p The medium is also great for everyday, and I would not consider it an evening bag. There's one size smaller, the classic pochette (aka East/West) which can be used for evening.
  4. Do you tend to carry a lot with you when you go out? as I heard the medium flap does not hold a lot... I have a Jumbo as I bring a bit more junk everytime I go out, like an extra small pouch for medicine/thumb drive/makeup.....
  5. I'm 5'5, 100lbs, both the medium and large look good. However I had to exchange the medium for the large, because it couldn't hold anything besides the wallet, cell phone, car keys, and badge. I couldn't even fit the lip gloss in there without stretching out the leather, so if you want to use it for daily use, the medium may be too small......
  6. I think it depends on your style. There are Chanel wearers of all sizes and heights carrying both medium and jumbos. I use my medium as evening bag. It's too small for everyday use. I also like the e/w.

    Good luck!
  7. Thanks for all your replies! :flowers: I did try both the medium and large Flaps and am still indecisive... but after your replies and searching through some old posts, I may be leaning toward the large as I think the large functions better for both day and night - and not as 'dressy'.

    I'd still like to know if I should purchase it in New York... Toronto has 14% tax, not sure how much tax in NY? What are the prices in the U.S compared to Toronto?
  8. welll, considering the USD is equal to the CAD buying in NY might be a good idea. but prices are going up nov 1st so i dunno...

    tax in ny is 8.375%
  9. Jumbo will not look big on you. It is such a beautiful and practical bag! Definitely go for it!
  10. I am having the same problem! not sure whether to go jumbo or the medium... i keep looking at pics of people using both and i guess it depends on the person :sad: it's a hard one!

    is the jumbo too big to use out at night you think?
  11. it will depend on how you use your bags. the jumbo/large is a good "everyday bag" as it carries a lot. it can also take you from day to night.

    the medium, however is pretty much an evening bag for me.

    so for you first chanel, i highly recommend the jumbo. it wont be too big for you (i'm only 5'3") and the jumbo is just fine. good luck!:heart:
  12. i am the same height as you but not petite due to my pregnancy..haha...but i do have the jumbo flap and think it's a great everyday bag. medium does look a little too small on me.

    i would say get them in the states coz canada's tax is outrageous. the classic jumbo flap is $2250 now without tax. hope this helps and good luck on your purchase!
  13. i agree with everyone here. I'm 5'4.75 and 105 lbs. and i just bought metallic black flap in the 228 and I love it! I've tried on a medium classic flap before and it's definitely more of an evening bag since it doesn't carry as much.
  14. i love the jumbo!
  15. I find the medium fine for daytime too ;). I dont tend to lug alot of stuff around with me, so at 5.2 inches, its the perfect bag, but I am tempted by a Jumbo too!!! so im not much help lol ;D