Medium or Large??? Urgent advice please!

  1. Ok guys, despite getting the new large Campana I can't get the Carmino out of my mind and HAVE TO HAVE ONE!. :sweatdrop:

    The only thing is I can't decide between the medium and large veneta. I can fit my eveyday things into a medium and I have the medium in ebano already but I love the way the large seems to slouch more and hangs a bit lower when the bag is on your shoulder. I'm 5'6" BTW and posted a modelling pic of me with the large campana to give you an idea of my build.

    Help please! as I have the last medium veneta on hold till Tuesday.
  2. Oh, I forgot to mention, if I get the large Veneta, do you think it will be a "POP" of too much colour as I tend to mostly wear dark clothes or neutral colours.
  3. Hmmh, tough question, Syma. A large Veneta would add diversity into your collection since you already have a medium size.

    But personally I like the medium size better, because it looks more compact and put together than the large one. Plus, I do think that a large Carmino Veneta might really be too much of color if you prefer to stay a little more neutral.
  4. I think a medium carmino veneta would be lovely and give just the right pop. I'm 5'11, so the large is really a medium on me in some ways. That's the perspective I'm going by for you...Of course if you like the slouchiness of the large, then go for it! Both are amazing, and I don't think the red is so bright that it would upset neutrals. It would be quite a statement though, so it would depend also on your personality.
  5. I am usually not a large bag girl but when I bought my veneta I went with the large because I like the shape it took on better when it slouches. Also, it's so convenient having so much extra room and I don't have to feel like I need to cram. I'm only 5'4 and I usually much prefer smaller bags/clutches but the large veneta looks fine on me. I'm going to get a medium campana next hopefully and for me, I felt the large campana was overwhelming whereas the large veneta is okay due to the slimmer silouette.

    I don't think the carmino large veneta would be too much red. Though if you're conservative with color, you may want to stay with a medium carmino veneta. The medium carmino veneta could double as a night bag, while the large could be more of a daily use bag. Red is a gorgeous neutral and carmino is so beautiful! Talking about this makes me want to be your bag twin. :heart:
  6. I totally agree with mystilleto! I tried on the medium veneta briefly (fully stuffed, no slouchiness) at the boutique and found that it lived a little too close to my armpit! So, even though I too am a small bag kinda girl, I would probably vote for the large veneta. Ditto with the color carmino--bright but not garish even in a large size.
  7. I third the slouchy thing. The large Veneta has mastered the Slouchy better than any other hobo I know. I guess the question is - do you want a chic shoulder bag (medium) or a luscious red draped loosely on your shoulders (large)?

  8. ITA ^^^ That is a good way to think on it.

    For me personally, I would go with the Medium in Red - any other colour I'd have said the Large but I think a Medium will be enough *pop* in a colour like Carmino :heart:

    Let us know what you decide :flowers:
  9. I agree with everyone's opinion. the medium veneta in carmino will be a nice choice. if you are still lusting a large veneta, a ebano will be a good choice too :nuts:
  10. Needless to say, my vote goes to the medium Carmine Veneta...
  11. Syma, you can't go wrong with either size since you are, IMHO, at the perfect height. I agree that Carmino is such a classy red that even in the Large it won't be overwhelming. Keep us posted!
  12. Large!! :p

    The Large Veneta IMO is the perfect BV bag in terms of size and style. The slouch is great, and it just shows off the Veneta in all its glory! A Large Veneta in Carmino would be sooooo pretty! :yes:
  13. Ok guys, I took on board all your Advice and thank you very much for all your very considered opinions. I must have posed with my medium ebano veneta a million times in front of the mirror, trying to decide. I love the medium size, but I agree with mystilleto once you have put a few things in the bag it does live a bit close to your armpit. Also IMO the intrecattio design looks so much better on their larger designs like the cabat, sloane and larger veneta, so bearing in mind the added slouchy factor I decided to go for the Larger Veneta.

    Thank God there was one left in the boutique. On its way to me now, will post pics when it arrives:yahoo:
  14. Great choice! Can't wait to see pics.
  15. :party: yeah!!